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Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Over 400 medications cause dry mouth which is also termed xerostomia. The three main medication categories are anti-histamines, anti-hypertensive and anti-depressants. Dry mouth or reduced salivary flow also reduces the anti-bacterial benefit of salivary enzymes. Consequently, acidic harmful bacteria in bacterial plaque increases and predisposes to tooth decay which is termed caries.

The best decay preventive measure to combat MIX (Medication Induced Xerostomia) disease (caries) is quarterly fluoride varnish which the dentist or hygienist should apply after teeth cleanings. Additionally, the dentist should prescribe high concentration prescription fluoride tooth paste which has 5 times the strength of flouride toothpastes. Xylitol chewing gum available over the counter also is a helpful daily aid. For more information consult and Dr. Zinman's article in the California Dental Association Journal. MIX Disease is a term which Edwin Zinman, DDS, JD has coined and which many dental educators have now adopted in their lectures and writings. Daily brushing and flossing are usually insufficient to counteract the effects of MIX disease and additionally require various fluoride medications to remineralize the damaging effects of tooth decay. Unless properly prevented with high concentration prescription fluoride products even new restorations can fail due to recurrent decay. Consult a dentist who incorporates CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment) principles and practices preventive dentistry with prescription fluoride products if you have MIX disease.